Writing Your Story

I'm certain that you all remember key lines in a good movie. They define the whole essence of the story - such as, "It's not about the money, never has been." or "You're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy". Most of these lines address character attributes and challenge integrity.

The audience today is very smart. Although they might not fully understand why, they are drawn to good story telling. The best videos involve people, so your video should unfold in a way that relates to individuals and tells great stories about them.

A film or show with the best effects can lose potency because of a poor story line. A newscast will lose viewers because the writing is not conversational and real. Advertising copy will be ineffective if certain fundamental elements are not considered. Review some tips below before writing your video

Story Telling
  • Build your writing on conflict -Man against nature - Man against man (against self or conflict within character) - Man against  society - Man against the clock - Man against circumstances - Man against God - Man against changing times
  • Tell extraordinary tales that somehow go beyond the ordinary day to day
  • Relate to their own challenges or problems such as: Health fear / Financial pressure / Troubled relationships
  • Include your audience as you tell the story. Walk along side them as you tell your story, by explaining details to them as you show them!

  • Appeal to our basic needs and desires:

  • To what subject do most people relate?
  • What is on people’s mind?
  • What really matters today?
  • How do we deal with a major problem or disaster?



Final thought - agree with your audience that they are smart and already know some obvious things, while at the same time weave new ideas and facts into your writing.


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