On Air Camera Talent

A good percentage of those interested in television desire to be in front of the camera, not behind one.  However, not everyone has the visual appeal, nor the delivery skills required in this competitive industry to sell an audience.

Most on camera talent will be selected to "fit" the specific show. In broadcast news those on camera work as a team and complement each other.The aspiring talent should understand their strengths and weaknesses. Excellent talent will create a relaxed environment.





  • Believability is key - be real - be yourself

  • Prompter reading should be conversational

  • Interact with others naturally - especially on set

  • When on camera give attention to your positioning

  • Listen to your voice - rate, tone, pitch, volume or inflections

  • Deliver your script - don't simply read it

  • Read through your scripts aloud -enunciate with expression


  • Everyone has their "good side" - attempt to shoot that side

  • Use the appropriate make-up - eliminate shine

  • Know what colors complement you - and wear them

  • Maintain good posture and limit gesturing

  • Find the hair style that enhances your on-air appearance

  • Always use softer lighting


Final thought - becoming great talent takes time and practice. Learn and listen from others. The more comfortable you become, the better your performance will be!

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