Marketing Video

There are two main thoughts in today's market. Content is king and new media: content re-packaged across multiple platforms (cell phones, Pod casting, web streaming). Distributors are always looking for fresh ideas and new shows while at the same time technology is creating new outlets for them, such as pod casting. You have probably noticed that it is not always the best products that win in the money game. The consumer will always drive the market. Setting an exit strategy in marketing your video is critical.

Design your work towards a specific audience. Research your topic and try to determine who will eventually be interested in it. What does the viewer want to see? What don’t they watch? List your major competition and find out what makes them special as compared to others – what separates them from the others?


 Target Market

  • What audience do you want to reach? Sex? Age?

  • What is the relative importance of reach (geographic DMA) & frequency - over what period of time?

  • Create a want, desire or need- then fill it

  • Create an indentity through branding

  •        Deliver unique content



  • Timeliness
  • Proximity
  • Human Interest
  • Unique / unusual
  • Prominence / testimonials
  • Conflict


  • Do you offer a benefit or reward?

  • Is your work capable of being instantly and completely understood by the target audience?

  • Are you honest and believable?

  • Does your work inform and motivate?

  • Is it memorable?

  • Does it succeed in its planned objective?


Final thought - Ask the question who, what, and where?

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