Get a Job in Video Production

So how do you get that great job in media?

The broadcast industry is smaller than we think. When broken down into specific job duties the opportunities seem slimmer. I have heard it said, "Don't get into television if you want to make money!". This, of course, is not entirely true. Union positions guarantee specific wages and many non-union companies offer competitive pay to skilled employees.

Many times it will be someone you know in the industry to "get that foot in the door". But what if you don't know anyone? The great news is that you still have an excellent chance! The deciding factor will be on your video reel and the demonstration of your skills. One sour element will leave your reel in the discard pile.

Allow AveryMedia, or another experienced media professional to review your work before you send it out. The counsel you receive may be the best investment you will make towards your future in television.

Stand out from the rest!

Resume Building

  • Show your knowledge of the area that you are applying

  • List skills that demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly, work as a team, solve problems, and organize

  • Highlight results you have achieved

  • Focus on the need of the company - customize

  • Write in phrases - most reading your resume are pressed for time

  • Use television keywords


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