Final Cut Pro Editing

Today editing is done on the computer with programs such as Avid, Final Cut Pro Studio, Final Cut Pro X, or Adobe Premiere.

 However, it is not necessarily what program that you choose but how you use the tools in that program. The most powerful transition in television is still a cut.

The editor must be committed to quality while communicating the story effectively. Careful thought should be placed in each decision. The production should be edited in a clean, professional style with the goal to produce a product that will either meet or exceed the standards set by those in the industry.

Audio should be clear and professionally mixed. Video should not have “jump cuts” or be distracting. Graphics should communicate clearly and not be “text heavy”. If your piece does not move, it will not be interesting.


AveryMedia can review your work and offer suggestions on what will bring the quality level of your program to a point that is both satisfying to you the and to your viewers.

 Editor Becomes Producer
  • Interpret the script by recognizing the concept, then effectively communicate that concept lt;/span>

  • Create moods and atmosphere to display feeling

  • Choose good shot sequencing

  • Control time and movement - action / re-action

  • Lead your viewer along with excellent timing and pacing

  • Be perceptive to your audience - what do they expect to see?


 Technical Excellence
  • 60sec NTSC-video Bars and 1kHz tone @ 0Vu analog or –20db digital at the head of all programs

  • A 10 Second Slate with:
    ~ Name of the show
    ~ Program / Episode number

    ~ TRT – Total Running Time
    ~ Production company name, address and phone number

  • 5 seconds of black before start of program

  • Audio levels on a speaking voice should average (–5Vu analog) or (–15db) digital and music levels should not exceed (0Vu analog) or (–20db digital).

  • Video (white) levels should not exceed 100ire and Pedestal (black) levels should not go below 7.5ire

  • The TRT (total running time) of a program should be 28:30 (28min and 30sec) or 58:30 (58min and 30sec) black to black, not counting bars & tone or slate

  • Be sure to label your DVD or tape

  • Final master should be delivered in a format compatible to it's destination


Final thought - the normal attention span of an audience is around seven to nine minutes!

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