Award Winning Video

If you have created your own video or film, chances are you have asked yourself, "Is this worthy of an award?”. In the art world, every artist seeks to be recognized and honored for the passion that they have poured into their work. In film or video, there are many opportunities for recognition - the highest honor being the Emmy® or Oscar® award. Increase your odds of creating an award winning video by getting insight from AveryMedia or other winners.


Pursuing Excellence

 Refine your choice down to the "best of your best"

 Target your entry to a category that is less popular

 Work toward good content - tell a story about people

 Let your passion create the story - don't "work" to win

 Create with an experienced team - a winning team

 Execution in production should be excellent

 Give your work extra time and effort

 Plan ahead - save your work along the way

 Losing does not mean that your work is bad

 Keep trying - don't stop submitting entries


Final thought - great work wins out. Stand out from the all the others by being unique and different. Have courage! You are a winner!

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